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BI Connector

Need to use Qlik datasets in other applications or databases?

Operationalize already modelled Qlik data with full or delta loads in the target DB of your choice.


Seamlessly load QVD data into target databases such as Azure, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Power BI, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, SQL Server, Apache Spark, Python libraries and create flat files. Open up the value you can get from your Qlik data! 

The BI Connector is the only tool on the market that allows you to use your Qlik data in other BI tools or applications with all associations and transformations intact. It makes life easier for Qlik users. 

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Key features:

Convert QVDs into Excel, CSV, or custom delimited flat files

Auto-create a database schema that matches QVD schema, and load data from QVDs

Load data with full load (replace), full load (append), or incremental load

Auto-create Power BI Datasets ​

Convert Qlik QVD's to JSON and upload to the Power BI Dataset

Auto-create relationships between tables

Download Power BI Workspaces/Reports

Refresh Power BI Datasets

Schedule all tasks to run automatically on a schedule or event trigger

What's The Connector For?

A simple and effective solution to use Qlik datasets as data sources in other applications/BI Tools

Allows you to operationalize already modelled Qlik data with full or delta loads to your target DB of choice

Migrate your Qlik data to another BI application with all associations and transformations intact

This connector has been a game-changer in integration and migration projects, opening up the value you can get from your current data.

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