Everything you need to know before migrating from an existing BI Tool to Looker

Download the Step-by-step guide

This Step-by-step guide is intended for companies that

Have at least 1 existing BI Tool and a complex environment

Want to start their digital transformation journey and convert to a more modern Analytics tool

Want to leverage their current deployment, reuse their ETL,  and save effort

Do NOT want to have to start over

Want to do it right from the start

Download the Step-by-step guide

As companies mature and find themselves with growing needs from their business users, sooner or later, they will need to migrate their BI applications from one BI platform to another.

The reasons that motivate these migrations include taking advantage of more modern BI capabilities, moving to the cloud, streamlining BI Tools across the organization, and consolidating various BI tools that drain company resources in licensing, maintenance, training, and operational costs. 


Looker, the evolved BI Tool by Google, is a modern, cloud-based BI platform that allows data-driven companies and business users to explore, analyze, consolidate, and share real-time analytics. Its API extensibility seamlessly integrates internal and external business processes and applications and allows you to embed analytics securely.

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