Innovation in Analytics

Data is at the core of every successful organization. Having an expert who understands the complexities of your business and how analytics can drive your goals is why Innovoco is a true business partner.

Your Analytics Partner

We implement intuitive and innovative data analytics solutions for companies in the USA, Canada and Latin America. By leveraging industry-leading platforms, we streamline and automate data collection, ingestion, and transformation to empower people across organizations to focus on visualizing and generating insights into their data.

With end-to-end data available, everyone has a story to share, and when everyone shares their stories, great ideas are born.

We simplify every step of the Business Intelligence process, reducing overhead IT costs and its time to be up and running. With ongoing research into the latest trends, customer feedback, and online community forums, we regularly update our products so your organization can obtain a customized solution that suits their needs.

Certified Partners,
Top-of-Class Solutions

At Innovoco, we are proud to be Certified Partners of most of the best BI tools and environments available on the market. We work closely with the experts who create the platforms, and we have helped them develop and improve their software. We are the perfect link between your data and the way you choose to visualize it.

Modern Data Warehouse

Every second, data is growing by the millions globally, and traditional data warehouse models cannot keep up with the demand. They are costly and inflexible and have become bottlenecks for companies that seek instant insights. We built on an architecture based on the public cloud or hybrid on-premise cloud for companies that cannot afford to host on-premise solutions.

Efficient Data Transformation and Migration Processes

Seeing the whole story that lives in your data requires the extraction of data from all sources. Having a process built-in to extract, transform and load data regularly reduces IT costs and makes problem resolution faster and easier for support teams. We built a complete ETL solution from the ground up, utilizing the latest technology and architecture to load data into your data warehouse efficiently.

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