Power BI License Optimization Microsoft 365 License Optimization Azure License Optimization

Innovoco understands Microsoft software licensing inside out. 

We help you drive cost savings by optimizing your Microsoft licensing strategy and simplifying the way your organization buys and utilizes Microsoft Software.

Our Microsoft License Optimizer, coupled with our services, offers proving savings from 10% to 40% on average.   


Is Microsoft licensing causing confusion? Not sure whether you are under or over-assigned?

Almost every enterprise has a significant Microsoft spend, and Microsoft options are remarkably complex.  There are hundreds of licensing and subscription alternatives that make it more challenging than ever to purchase Microsoft licenses.

Delivering a substantial cost reduction on Microsoft, or avoiding large unnecessary costs, relies on your license optimization efforts and the ability to play with all the options that Microsoft provides but does not advertise. 

We help you determine the mix of Power BI licenses that is right for your use case at the lowest price possible.   

  • Confused about mixing Premium and Pro licenses?
  • What is the real cost of implementing Power BI?
  • When to consider AAS? 

Get access to our Microsoft License Optimizer and see how much you can save on your Power BI licenses. 

For a limited time, you can book a 30-min free session with one of our Microsoft Power BI experts who will help you determine the right mix of Power BI licenses for your use case. 


We help you optimize the amount you spend on Microsoft 365 licenses (formerly Office 365for your workforce. We often see companies paying up to 30% more than they really need to.

  • Approaches to managing Microsoft 365 subscriptions
  • Are you paying for inactive licenses? 
  • Are you purchasing licenses with subscription benefits that don’t align with your employees’ usage or needs?

It’s more important than ever for businesses to strategically manage their Microsoft 365 licenses, maximize the full value of their purchased licenses, and spend their cloud budget effectively.

We help you be more productive using, deploying, securing, and adopting Azure resources.  

  • Optimize the efficiency of strategic initiatives such as migration to cloud services, digital transformation, and AI adoption.
  • Never pay for more cloud than you need. 
  • Get expert advice on how to license a virtualized environment optimally

By monitoring your cloud utilization, we provide the feasibility of optimizing your cloud resources and maximizing their capabilities. 


Overpaying for your Microsoft licenses?

Here's how to find out

  • We’ll identify (and explain) best-fit licensing options for your use case
  • Expert advice to optimize your current license mix 
  • High-level security assessment and recommendations

Increase Confidence in Your Microsoft Procurement Strategy

Increase Negotiation Ability

Increase Value Gained from Agreement Benefits

Reduce Microsoft License Spend

Reduce risk of licensing non-compliance

Eliminate Costly Downtime from Licensing Mistakes

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